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Evolved from the boredom and blandness of Stockholms southern suburbs, the Anglo Granas is anything but. An explosive three-piece with a knack for good melodies and a raw sound is what you get with the Granas, and what else do you need? 


After having gone through a handful of names and line-ups Anglo Granas is now at their strongest and most inspired state. The bands members consist of baseman Julius Jansson Nordahl, Henning Peterson behind the drums and singer/guitarist William Henriksson. These boys were there together five years ago at the very beginning of it all and founded the band during the late hours of a dark, drunken winter’s night in the heart of Stockholm. Having never left each other’s side since, Anglo Granas has spent countless of hours in small rehearsal spaces and on sweaty stages of sleazy wonderful bars perfecting their sound. Key influences can be found in bands like The Beatles, The Clash and The Libertines. 


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