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B-Da Sufi is an independent hip hop artist/Emcee from West-Africa. B-Da Sufi is now residing in Oslo, Norway, where he has developed a multilingual style of rapping B-Da Sufi raps in English, Norwegian, wollof and other languages. The blending of different languages gives B-Da Sufi a unique and interesting style of hip hop. He has released 5 studio albums, and he is a very popular artistin WestAfrica. He is a vivid and mesmerizing live artist.

Though born in The Gambia, Babacarr Joof grew up in between Senegal and The Gambia. He was 17, when his path from Babacarr to B-Da Sufi started. When his cousin brother introduced B-Da Sufi to rap in 1996, he was immediately inspired by the music that he had openly started addressing important topics like slavery, poverty and politics. Two years later, he got into studio and started to record his first songs in collaboration with his brother. In the subsequent years he did a lot of live performances and was productive in writing music. He cofounded Diegui Rails Records, which has developed to be one of the biggest production companies in Senegal.

B-Da Sufi’s first album “Love & Peace” was released in 2007 and overnight he became well-known all over the Senegambia region. He did a lot of radio and TV-interviews in the region, and performed at several hip hop festivals and events in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania. His second album was “Just for the Love”. It was released in 2010, followed

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by “Hip Hop Still” in 2013. The years in between the two albums, led him out on a different and unexpected journey which was to the Northern hemisphere. B Da-Sufi moved to Oslo and Norway in 2012.There is no doubt that this move has influenced his music. Nevertheless, he remains faithful to his style in different musical collaborations and inspirations. In 2017 he released an Ep called “I Wish”, in which featured many great artists, like Ole-O of DRM Klikk, Sheldon Blackman, King Milo, Singateh, Njie B, Sarah B, Dj Tocznique, Bafana Isaac Nhlapo, Dj Leuz and Jason Nemor Harden. The Ep was produced by Omar Traore (Zap) xalam studio, The Gambia. All the songs were recorded in Oslo under X-Ray Ungdomskulturhus, Park music and DRM studio.

West-Africa has remained his main inspiration thought, and when he blends blues into his newest album, it may have awoken some spirits in the blues community in the north. The colours and flavor found in B-Da Sufi’s new album, “Flowing into the Blues” came from Mali. The album was released in November 2018 on all major platforms. The release concert on November 24th at Cafeteatret was done with live performances with a full band. This album has a special flavor of blues and Hip-hop with live Guitars.

As B Da-Sufi recently visited The Gambia and Senegal, to promote his newest album “Flowing into the Blues”, the radio and television stations within the Senegambia region, were offering unlimited invitations to get their share of B DaSufi. This is usually the tradition for musicians who had made an impact in the musical industry. Even though he had made this impact before traveling abroad, this particular experience was above B Da-Sufi’s expectations. The invitations and the appreciations from his people is clear evidence that hard work pays off, the rapper believes. B Da-Sufi has left another significant mark back home.

B Da-Sufi continues his musical journey. To reach the audience in theScandinavia, the lyrics of his music has been more of English language and this should be an expectation in his upcoming records. Oslo may give the rapper a free space to play around creatively, but Senegambia is his heart and soul as the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”.


Wolof is coming back...


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